In this experiment I started to question what is considered natural, native, alien or a weed in a garden has always been culturally charged. My aim was to explore this relationship exploring the different influences and ideas that shape decision-making in gardens in both locations. Looking at how native plants have been considered to be ornamental plants in Chile, questioning what is considered native and how this notion has been strongly influenced by different influxes in the recent history of the country, from the difficulties of naturally growing plants in a flat in downtown Iquique, to the constant battle towards what is considered to be weed in Puerto Varas. Especifically through this experiment I considered how the notion of ‘weed' is created in both locations, as this ideas are not a scientific, but cultural ones (Mabey, 2010). Consequently, I create a small taxonomy of all plants considered as weeds in both locations and photograph them following the aesthetics of first scientific travellers that arrived at the country (Claudio Gay and others).